Distinctive and Smooth

All of our coffee is Single origin, Specialty Coffee.

Our coffee is roasted in a specially designed fluidized bed roaster that uses a hot air stream to roast the coffee. As a result the coffee is smoother.

Roasting starts with 1-3 lb of green beans and final product weight will be dependent on moisture content and roast level (1lb green beans will yield 12-14oz).

We test roast all new coffee and determine the optimal roasting profile to bring out the all the flavor of each offering. If you have not tried an origin or are unsure of your roast preference we recommended choosing the "Between" roast level. The final flavor of the coffee comes more from the origin than the roasting level.

Air Roasting

Our coffee is roasted with a custom designed fluidized bed roaster.

The advantages of air roasting are:

Beans are roasted not scorched

  • Beans are constantly moving and not subject to excessive temperatures that can burn the outer shell. This allows more of the flavor of the origin come through

Air roasted coffee is less acidic.

  • Air Roasted Coffee is less bitter and acidic while providing a smoother, richer taste. 

Small Batches

  • We only roast 1-3 lbs of green beans at a time and each batch is custom roasted to your preferred roast level.

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